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Meet Shervon Cassim, our newest teacher

You might already know Shervon Cassim; he’s a fixture in the North Carolina writing community. He’s the president of the North Carolina Writers’ Network Board of Trustees and a senior lecturer at North Carolina State University, where he teaches fiction and creative writing to undergrads.

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Reading on the Road

This month, Redbud took to the high seas. By which I mean, Arshia and I were both fortunate enough to be able to travel internationally for a few weeks. Arshia visited Portugal, while I boarded a fifteen-hour flight for an adventure in India. 

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What Happens in a Workshop, Anyway?

So what happens at a Redbud workshop? Our six-week offerings are going to look a little different, since this was a three-day intensive. But all of our classes will combine the same melange of craft activities and feedback activities. 

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