Meet Shervon Cassim, our newest teacher

Redbud is growing!


As you may know, a few weeks ago, we announced the addition of a new genre to our roster: poetry, taught by award-winning poet Jane Craven. But aside from hiring new teachers for new genres, we’re also expanding our trusty old fiction classes, which means we’ve brought on someone to help us with our fiction offerings in October-November.

You might already know Shervon Cassim; he’s a fixture in the North Carolina writing community. He’s the president of the North Carolina Writers’ Network Board of Trustees and a senior lecturer at North Carolina State University, where he teaches fiction and creative writing to undergrads.

Shervon is a great person to study with if you’re interested in autobiographical fiction: he writes both fiction and nonfiction about his childhood in his native Dubai (fun facts: he is also a crack badminton player and karate instructor). He’ll be teaching our Fiction I class in Raleigh next round, covering topics such as character, setting, plot, theme, structure, prose, and more.

You can find out more about Shervon’s class here and sign up here!