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ABOUT Redbud Writing Project

The Redbud Writing Project is the Research Triangle’s only adult education writing school, serving Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and beyond. Founded by two North Carolina State University MFA graduates, the Redbud Writing Project offers six-week courses at community spaces around the Triangle. Our course topics range from short story, novel , and memoir writing, to workshopping and revising, to publishing and submitting. We also offer manuscript consultations and one-off seminars. We welcome beginners who are looking to try out a new creative pursuit, advanced writers looking to further hone their craft or embark on a specific project, and everyone in between!


our ethos

We want our workshops to feel open and inviting—places where students feel supported and excited to write, share, and revise. We are guided by the principles of empathy, compassion and candor: we seek to approach each story with an open mind and an eye toward understanding the writer’s intentions, ultimately helping the author write the story they want to tell.

We believe wholeheartedly in the art and craft of writing: our classes focus on both accessing inspiration and refining technique. In our workshops, we use a variety of exercises to help you generate ideas and we give specific, actionable suggestions. Instead of a vague critique, such as “I wanted to understand your character better,” we’ll tell you, “Your character’s arc is not as clear in this draft as it could be; why don’t you try making an outline of her emotional journey while also expanding your climactic scene?” We empower students by examining specific elements of story, such as character, dialogue, plotting, setting, theme, and revision.

Most importantly, Redbud is not just a school, but an institution that fosters a community of writers in the Triangle area. Our teachers take their students out for a drink on the last night of class; every session, we sponsor a reading where writers showcase their work to their friends, family, and admirers. We also strive to include people from all walks of life in the Triangle area through our outreach efforts and scholarship program.

Whether you’re a beginner or an old pro, we hope to see you in one of our classes soon!



Our instructors

What our students say about us

Ultimately, I left fiction writing...feeling as if my skills in writing have improved, and this improvement was 100% due to Ms. Simkin’s caring and engaging teaching style.
Emily Cataneo is an amazing teacher! I learned so much about different techniques to improve my writing and I feel that with her instruction the class made me that much better at writing. She was always super informative, enthusiastic and was receptive to questions both inside and outside class.
I have always loved to write but since I have been in school and studying science I have not been able to pursue writing. This class brought back my love [for] writing and taught me how to be even better at it.
Professor Simkin was above all, a nice person that truly cared about the work the students did. She gave great feedback on our writing assignments and always provided constructive and respectful criticism.
I think this was an excellent course. I had no experience writing fiction prior to this course but did not feel intimidated by the instructor or material, as she made it relatable to all skill levels and created an environment that felt very comfortable.
Ms. Cataneo was an excellent professor, and I have learned so much from her that I would not learn in other classes. In this class she was accessible, transparent, genuine, and insightful. She helped me not only grow as a writer, but as a world citizen.